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Warrior Square Limited Website Privacy Policy.

We take the protection or personal data seriously and aim to abide by the Data Protection Act at all times. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a data controller and our registration number is Z5158052.

We are a limited company and our main business is that of an insurance intermediary. If you are visiting our web site then it is likely that you are interested in the insurance mediation services we offer.

This Privacy Policy describes how we handle your personal data when you visit our web site. When you deal with us for insurance intermediary services how we handle your data will depend on the services you ask us to perform and the instructions you give to us. This Privacy Policy will only provide you with an insight into how we deal with your personal data when you use our intermediation services.

By using this website you use indicated and confirms your agreement to this Privacy Policy. If this Privacy Policy changes then the Privacy Policy that applies to your use of the website is the Privacy Policy that was displayed on the day you used the web site.

Contact details on the web site.

Our web site will have a contact us page. It will have an enquiry form which you are asked to fill in. That form will collect your contact details and any other information that you select to advise us of when masking your enquiry. We will provide a postal address on the web site and you can write to us at that address. We also show our telephone number and facsimile address.

So you have several methods for contracting us. When you do you are likely to provide us with your contact details and you may also provide additional personal information.

E-mails may either go to our own computer or to cloud services that we may select to use. In either case we will have considered whether these are set in a secure environment. We treat your personal data to the same level of security as we would our own personal data. Please not that e-mails can now be accessed on mobile phones and tablets.

Our phone number will be our office number but we may on occasion divert that call to another number so that we can receive calls when the office is closed. We may also provide a mobile number.

You responsibility when passing us personal data.

When you provide us with contact details we make certain that the contact details you give us meet your security requirements for any type of communication we may send to you. Once you are in contact with us you can let us know if you have certain specific contact requirements to apply to certain information. If you change your contact details then please advise us. We cannot take responsibility for using a contact point you have given but which you now no longer use.

If the information you are going to give to us is going to contain personal data about another living person then please obtained their permission first. We will automatically assume that you have obtained full authority to send us any personal data you send us.

The Website and cookies.

In order to make this web site as effective as possible and to enhance your use of the web site we may use cookies. These cookies may store information on your computer to make future use of our web site easier to use. These cookies my store temporary information on your computer to register the web pages you have already visited on our web site. These cookies may store more permanent information on your computer so that it makes this web site easier to use when you visit the web site again in the future.

We may also use cookies to monitor how you use the web site and web pages and from where and how you arrived at the web site. If you connected to our web site from a third party link then that link may be tagged. If you link from our web site to a third party web site then that link may be tagged.

There are also analytical data that can be accessed and collected about web site use but that data shows block statistics rather than individual usage.

If you wish to disable cookies then you can do so in your web browser. You can also use that web browser to delete session cookies. You can also use your browser to delete previous cookies. Please note that disabling cookies may affect your use of the web site. If you want to disable cookies and are not certain how to do so on your browser then go type in this into the search engine you use ”manage you cookies on XXXXXX” substituting XXXXXX with the browser name and version you use. Submit the search and you should be offered a selection of web sites giving instructions to follow. By inserting your browser name into the search the search result should return your browser manufacturers official web site as one of the options. Please take care when using other web sites.

When sending marketing e-mail we may add a cookie type code to allow us to identify when the e-mail is opened. That code may be embedded within a photo. You e-mail software may ask for your permission to open photos if it is set to do that and has that capability. This is done so that we can evaluate the efficiency of our e-mail marketing. We may ask for a delivery receipt or a read receipt on e-mails.

If we provide a log in system.

If we provide a login in system and you use that system then a cookie or your browser may offer to remember that log in. Our system will need to remember your log in details in order to log you recognise you for a future login. Login in times and records may be kept. If you are not happy with this then please do not use the log in facility (if provided).

Please remember that it is you responsibility to keep your log in details and password safe.

Parties acting on your behalf.

If you tell us that we can contact or communicate with any party about your enquiry or quote or business then we will assume that is an unlimited instruction unless you advise us otherwise.

What we do with you data.

We use your data to provide the service we describe in précis on our web site and also to reply to communications you send to us. In proving our service we may need to contact insurance companies, underwriters and other intermediaries. That contact will be in pursuit of providing the service we offer to you. The number of people we need to contact will depend on the nature of your communication to us. Some of the contacts we make are to enhance our knowledge of what is available from that other party and how that might meet your enquiry needs. Not all contacts we make will develop in to firm quotes.

We will use your data to reply to you and some of the data you sent us may appear in our reply.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for non-investment insurance mediation. Under that regime our customers may be protected by the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. We also register with the Information Commissioners Office. These parties do have certain right to ask us for data and we may need to share your information with them.

We use normal business services such as banks, accountants, IT services, cloud services and storage, communication services and professional services. In all these cases some business data may be disclosed so that those who provide us with services can provide us the services we need.

When we communicate with others we may use and receive various forms of communication media. We may send or receive from different locations.

Where we use or receive your data.

We deal with the London market and they in turn deal internationally. We may have clients on our books who are not located in the UK or EEA. We may visit those clients. When we do we will still remain in contact with our office and cloud facilities and may receive and send information to and from our office and cloud facilities.

We may work with international markets and international supplies. Our ICO data registration advises that information may as a result be transferred to countries outside the UK and EEA.

General data security.

Premises we use have measures in place to prevent unauthorised access. We do not hold ourselves out as a high security operation. We are an office and so the level of security we use takes that into account. Our office computers are situated in our office. We may on occasion work from home or temporary locations.   Mobile devises are kept by the person they are allocated to. Cloud services can only be accessed by password recognition.

Subject access requests and updating data.

Your right to make a subject access request or to request us to update your data. You can make a subject access request to ask us to let you know what personal data we hold about you on our files. We are allowed to charge a fee of up to £10 for that service. We reserve the right to charge that fee if we feel that it is appropriate. Before being able to answer such a request we may need to ask you for identity details. Please note that we have 40 days to respond to such a request although in most cases we would aim to be earlier.

You can also contact us in in order to ask up to update your data.

We ask you to make these in writing, either letter, facsimile or e-mail. When replying to a data subject access request we normally only reply by letter to an address that you can demonstrate is an address where you are domiciled.

Sensitive and personal data.

As part of our job and service we handle personal and sensitive data often requested as part of an insurance application form. Please remember to be correct, truthful and accurate on the information you provide to us.

Links to other sites.

Where we provide links to other websites form our websites, then when you link to that other website you are then under their Privacy Policy.

Marketing e-mails.

We don not send marketing e-mails.

Interpretation of this privacy policy.

This privacy policy is to be interpreted by the laws of the England and Wales and be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.