Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions refer to your use of the web site www.warriorsquare.com here in after called the Web Site. These terms and conditions do not apply to services you may take up with Warrior Square limited where those services are not provided by Warrior Square Limited through this web site.

The Web Site is owned and operated by Warrior Square Limited, 74 Blake Road, London. N11 2AH, company registration number 3194590.

By using the Web Site You agree that You have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

In these Terms and Conditions any person using the Web Site whether directly or via another party acting on their behalf, shall hereinafter be referred to as You and or Your.   In these Terms and Conditions Warrior Square Limited shall hereinafter be known as We, Us or Ours.

We reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. The Terms and Conditions that apply to that days use of the Web Site are the Terms and Conditions that are displayed on the Web Site that day.

The Web Site acts as an Information Society Service and displays information that You can see and read at Your discretion. The Web Site may also provide data capture forms or contract Us forms so that You can provide Us with a question, enquiry or information. When You provide Us with personal data then You do so subject to Our Privacy Policy.

If We provide log in details and a log in area then that area is subject to these Terms and Conditions and Our Privacy Policy.

If We provide any down load facilities then those down load facilities are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

If We provide any quick quote facility, Insurance short application enquiry form or Apply Now facility then the actual Web Site part of that service is subject to These Terms and Conditions and Our Privacy Policy.

The Limitations of the Web Site.

The Web Site is situated in the United Kingdom but We also handle international insurances. Some services or cover mentioned on the Web Site may be limited to or only be suitable for residents in the United Kingdom. If We do not make that clear on the Web Site please ask Us and We will clarify that for You.

For ease of use web pages on the Web Site may only carry précis information about products and services. Please do not assume that when We describe cover on a Web Page that what you are reading is the whole policy wording.

If We provide You access to sample or specimen wordings then please remember that when an underwriter quotes for a risk they may attached extra endorsements, the insurer may have updated their policy wording and there may be a policy schedule attached and some wordings rely on items shown in the schedule to determine some cover areas.

To make the Web Site useful We do obtain information from others and then convey that information to You on the Web Site . We rely on others for a lot of the information We obtain and display on the Web Site. We aim to use reliable sources but We cannot guarantee that the information We display is up-to-date and accurate. We do not verify or validate information We use for display on the Web Site.

Where We display links from the Web Site to other Web Sites, or where We display telephones numbers or contacts to other parties We do not validate or check or research the financial stability, competence, services, products or records of those parties.

The Web Site is not intended to provide or give financial advice. If any advice is given then it is intended as generic advice only and is not intended to meet the specific or unique needs of any individual, group, party or person (corporate or individual).

Limitation on Our liability.

We exclude liability for all loss or damage (including all consequential losses) caused by all or any of the following, and by using the Web Site You agree and accept that We exclude such liability.

  • Any loss or damage (including all consequential losses) arising directly or indirectly from viruses, malicious code, malicious software or any type of loss or damage where the cause is related to software or firm ware issues.
  • Any inaccurate information where We can show that the source of that information (or the facts on which that information was formed) was obtained from a Third Party.
  • Any and all interruptions to the Web Site service.
  • Any Third Party acts of mischief whether malicious or not.
  • Any liability for any links to Third Party web sites or for anything done or not done by any Third Party whether named on the Web Site or not.
  • For any loss or damages caused by Your failure to understand the Limitations of the Web Site listed above listed in the Limitations of the Web Site section.
  • Any liability arising from information provided to Us through the Web Site irrespective of whether that information was provided to Us at your request or not.

None of the limitations in liability mentioned above shall restrict Our liability for death or bodily injury to an individual where that death or bodily injury can be judged by a court in the United Kingdom under the laws of England as being Our liability.

None of the limitations in liability mentioned above shall restrict Our liability for loss of damage where such loss of damage can be judged by a court in the United Kingdom under the laws of England as being liability arising from Our malicious or fraudulent intent.

Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright and Trade Marks

You may take a copy of the web site for Your own person use and record. You may not copy the Web Site for commercial purposes or to distribute copies to other persons. You agree that the Web Site is a source of business to Us and that any text, graphic or picture has a value to Our business and that by distributing such copies You would be causing Us to suffer a financial loss.

You agree that We either are the owner with Intellectual Property Rights, Copy right or trade mark rights for anything displayed on the Web Site or that We hold a license or permission to display such items and that such items are covered by license.

Your use of the Web Site and Your liability.

  • You agree to use the Web Site only for legal or moral purposes.
  • You agree to use the Web Site without malicious or mischievous intent.
  • You warrant that You are over 18 years old.
  • Where You are going to send us personal data then You agree that You have full authority to do so. That in doing so You will abide by our Privacy Policy. That where You provide us with personal data about another living person then You do so with their full authority.
  • You agree that You will not change or attempt to change any of the Web Site or to hack the Web Site or otherwise obtain or make alteration to the Web Site without first obtaining Our full permission.   Entering data into data capture forms, feedback forms, enquiry forms, quick quotes, application enquiry or apply now applications will be considered as being within permissions We have given.
  • You agree that You will not reuse, re-post or transmit any of the Web Site in full or in part.
  • Your agree that You will not use the Web Site to promote or to carry out Libel, Slander or Cyber bullying.

You agree that if You do not comply with the above then You shall be liable to Us for all damage or loses We may incur (whether as a direct cost or as an indirect cost). You agree that Your liability shall be to the full extent allowed by English Law applied by an English Court.


The Parties agree that these Terms and Conditions are intended only to be enforceable by the Parties and accordingly there Terms and Conditions shall not be enforceable by any third party by virtue of The Contracts (Rights of Third parties )Act 1999.

These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted subject to English Law and be subject to the sole jurisdiction or English Courts.

If any party does not actively enforce a condition or right under these Terms and Conditions that does not mean that they have waived their right to later enforcing such condition or right.